Raaka Chocolate - Bourbon Cask Aged (82% cacao)

Raaka Chocolate - Bourbon Cask Aged (82% cacao)


The first chocolate featuring cask-aged cocoa beans. The aging process enhances our virgin chocolate with strong caramel, vanilla, and oaky deliciousness. Matured in Berkshire Mountain Distilling Bourbon Barrels, the finest chocolate deserves only the finest bourbon.

2013 Good Food Award Winner

origin: Maya Mountain Cacao, Belize

tasting notes: Caramel, vanilla

Made with ❤ in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic maple sugar, organic cacao butter.

nutrition facts: Serving size: 25g (1/2 bar). Calories: 152. Fat: 11g (17%). Cholesterol: 0mg (0%). Carbs: 12g (4%). Fiber: 5g (18%). Sugar: 7g.

Vegan • Nut-free • Soy-free • Gluten-free • Organic • Kosher

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