Andrea Di Donato:


Darling Jewels

"I started making jewelry about 18 years ago, and I've never stopped. I loved being able to create new things and make gifts for friends and family. Not only did it open up a creative outlet for me, but it enabled me to meet new people and be exposed to new experiences by creating and selling jewelry."

"One of the most important things though, was how it allowed me to get involved in things that were bigger than I was. For example I could donate to various fundraisers for people battling cancer or other diseases by providing them with pieces of jewelry for their Chinese auctions, etc. This became even more important when my best friend Cheryl was diagnosed with terminal cancer six years ago, I started a line of jewelry called "Hope" jewelry. With every piece of jewelry purchased from that line, $10 was donated to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. It allowed me to take something that was very ugly (cancer) and create something beautiful from it. Unfortunately, she died a year after her diagnosis. What she inspired me to start however, lives on. I hope I have the privilege to continue to do this for many years to come."

About Darling Jewels....

Darling Jewels is a line of jewelry handmade in Williamsville, NY. Each piece is handcrafted with genuine gemstones, crystals, and stones.