Smarty Pits - Sensitive Skin Formula | Baking Soda Free

Smarty Pits - Sensitive Skin Formula | Baking Soda Free

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Soft, subtle floral. Aluminum Free | Paraben Free | Phthalate Free. Baking Soda Free.


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SmartyPits Story…..
When founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother discovered she had breast cancer, it was through noticing a lump directly underneath her armpit. She had no family history of breast cancer or noted genetic predisposition, so Stacia began to do some research to learn more about breast cancer and its risk factors. That was the first time she learned about studies which linked the aluminum in antiperspirants to breast cancer (as well as Alzheimer’s Disease).

At the time, Stacia tried to go aluminum-free herself—but it was a struggle. A dedicated “clinical strength” antiperspirant user, Stacia needed something that controlled odor all day, had a smoother application, smelled great, and felt convenient to use.

She didn’t find anything on the market that hit all those a few years later after studying skin care formulation, she created one herself. It would take a few years of trial and error to perfect, but SmartyPits was originally born on a tiny kitchen stovetop in 2014.

Now available in over 900 locations nationwide, SmartyPits is proudly aluminum free, paraben free, phthalate free, and propylene glycol free; in addition, SmartyPits donates $0.30 from every large stick to breast cancer research and free deodorant to oncology centers, survivor support events and non-profit groups.

We're also thankful to share that Stacia's mom is now a 13 year cancer warrior and survivor.

Each stick of SmartyPits is mixed, poured, and labeled by hand by members of our small-but-mighty SmartyPits Squad in Tehachapi, California.

We use thoughtfully sourced and cruelty-free ingredients, none of our manufacturing is outsourced, and we work hard to make sure each SmartyPits is poured with love and hope.

Our containers are 100% recyclable--including our labels--through most curbside recycling programs.