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Catherine Popesco:


La Vie Parisienne

Catherine is a native of Paris, France, the city which inspires her jewelry collection to this day.  Catherine was wandering the historical Marries area of Paris, when she discovered the heart and soul of French jewelry making. These original workshops, many over 200 years old, still possess the original molds, stampings, tools and dies designed by artisans of Frances golden era, Le Bella Epoch, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Her collection today is still rendered from these actual molds and stampings. With her vivid imagination and the City of lights as her inspiration, Catherine has been instrumental in bringing these historical designs from the dusty basements of Paris to the light of the modern world.

Catherine went on to build a workshop in a vineyard in the heart of the  Loire Valley, France, where she trained her own team of highly skilled artisans to continue the art of French jewelry making. Catherine travels the world sampling new cultures and incorporating the essences of these far off lands into her own work. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California where her studio, La Vie Parisienne (circa 1979) brings together all the elements to hand make each piece for her unique collection.


About La Vie Parisienne....

The La Vie Parisienne collection originates from old Parisian workshops established over 200 years ago. Not a reproduction but a continuation of history, Catherine and her design team combine these actual, historical parts creating a timeless collection rooted in history. La Vie Parisienne combines classic European findings and a selection of historical American pieces, each carefully rendered from the original molds and stampings. All handmade and hand set with Swarovski crystals. Their pieces are made of either 14K gold plating or “old silver”, a unique French process of laying sterling silver or 14K gold over a copper or brass base. Following traditional French artisan techniques allows each classic piece to best exhibit the delicate details of these historic designs. Sourced in Europe, truly handmade in USA.