Corey Lazzaro& Jessica Colvin: Gracie + Cameron

When best friends, Corey and Jessica, met in 2010, they knew there would be more to their story than a lifelong friendship.  As their friendship grew, along with their experience as moms, the vision of gracie + cameron became clear.  With a love of fashion and a desire to see their children raised in a kinder world, an inspirational clothing Iine was the perfect answer.  Inspired by the open minded nature of their own children, and named after their two oldest, gracie + cameron became a reality in August of 2015.

 Proudly based in the ever growing and beautiful city of Buffalo, NY, with the belief that change starts at home, they partnered with local companies on design and production.  Using local girls as models to shoot onsite downtown, the vision came together.

About Gracie + Cameron...

gracie + cameron is a positive vibe clothing and accessories line for young women, built on friendship, encouragement, inspiration and kindness.  We have created a line that combines inspirational messaging with super comfy, trendy pieces.   gracie + cameron is not only a clothing company, but a movement to empower and encourage young women to be themselves, to be kinder, and to accept others for who they are.  We believe that everyone has a unique story. What's yours?