Mindful Mandala Coloring Book

Mindful Mandala Coloring Book


The Mindful Mandala Meditations Coloring Cards, by Buffalo Artist Colleen Darby, are an easy-to-use tool to help quiet the mind. The mandala is one of the oldest art forms and has been used for centuries in meditation practices.

Each mandala card pairs a ready-to-color design, along with an inspirational quote and thought for you to ponder as you color. You don’t have to be Picasso to create your own mandala masterpiece, you don’t even have to color inside the lines! Just sit back, relax and let your creativity flow. 

The 25 page, spiral bound book, includes a brief history and explanation of the mandala, and 20 coloring cards plus some easy to follow instructions to help get you started. 

The simple process of guiding a pencil across one of these mandalas can slow your thoughts and help heal your soul.

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