Strong Woman of the month: Lisa Atti of Vibrational Soul Therapy

We are energy beings, and everything in the
 universe is energy.

Lisa Atti, Molecular Scientist, is the owner of VST Organics (Vibrational Skin & Soul Therapy), a holistic line of non-toxic skin care products that she created with her knowledge and training in natural therapies including but not limited to; aromatherapy, herbal medicine, nutrition, natural product formulating, and vibrational energy healing. Lisa is a native of WNY. She attended SUNY Fredonia and graduated with her degree in Molecular Biology. While working for Children’s Hospital of Buffalo in the Biochemical & Molecular Genetics Laboratory, she began her journey of learning about natural health and wellness.

Lisa’s passion was taking classes and studying about holistic nutrition, herbalism, energy medicine, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. Based on all that she learned, she began making products to help her son. He was diagnosed with eczema as an infant, and in her search for a non-toxic all natural alternative to help him on a holistic level, lead her to begin putting her herbal studies into practice. What started out as a way to help her son then turned into a passion to share her holistic high vibrational products with others. VST Organics was founded to provide a clean, natural, non-toxic skin care experience, using natural, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients to nourish the body on a cellular level. All of Lisa’s products are infused with flower essences, crystal and Reiki energy.

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