Strong Woman of the month : Jessica of Ziglets Creative

Simply put, I’ve always enjoyed making things, and I’ve always loved accessorizing. I work by day as a copywriter, but by night I’m somewhat of a craft junkie — trying out new techniques and playing with new materials.

In 2011, Jessica decided to unleash the creative energy she had building up and began her own Etsy shop: Ziglets (the shop name is a playful variation of her last name: Zyglis).

Combine her love for taking on creative challenges with the inspiration to turn something old into something new, and there you have the basis for most of the pieces she creates — she started out creating “necklets,” which were decorative necklaces/scarves made from recycled T-shirts. Her current line of pieces include original Buffalo nickels — mostly dating back to the 20s and 30s — and transit tokens from all over the country. Jessica strives to make each piece individually unique — with no two pieces exactly identical. We’re each one-of-a-kind beings, and she believes we should have pieces that we can call upon to reflect that individuality.

When Jessica is not playing with pliers, she is spending quality time with her husband Adam, their 10-month-old son Clyde, and their French Bulldog Olive.

Check out the rest of Jessica’s collection here.