Her Story Hour: Benefits of Acupuncture with Toni Haugen of Queen City Acupuncture

This word keeps coming to me: finite. But what I think I am supposed to tell you in that nothing is finite. It’s actually the opposite; there is an infinite number of solutions. Break out of the feeling that your choices are finite.
— Leslie Shatkin, co-host of Her Story Hours

For this months Her Story Hour, we invited an amazing strong woman that we met at our last Celebrating Vibrant Women event. Toni was a guest speaker there, and immediately when she started telling her story, we knew that she was going to be our next speaker. Everything she said, the way she said it, and just her presence made us want to have her share her amazing story with you!

I think integrative medicine should be a verb; we should be integrative medicine-ing.
— Toni Haugen, acupunturist + herbalist

Toni Haugen is a Licensed acupuncturist. She believes that people are not inherently broken, and that all people deserve a chance to live a pain free life. Toni graduated with honors from one of the top acupuncture schools in the country, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Toni’s passion is helping get people on the path to health + vitality. She is  working on building the bridge between acupuncture + conventional western medicine, believing that integrative health care is the most informative + preventive form of health care possible. Toni Also  has worked as a doula for over 6 years and is especially interested in women’s health.

Toni shared so much information with us during such a short period of time, and it only was the very basics. I could have listened to her speak all night about this topic. But the most important thing that I think I took away from her presentation was this: We are so accustomed to fast answers. We always want to know. But the world doesn’t change over night; the seasons take weeks to transition. Just because something does not produce the result you would like immediately does not mean that change isn’t happening. You just have to be patient and trust that the steps you are taking towards change are in the right direction.

At Queen City Acupuncture, you are not defined by a medical diagnosis but rather you are accepted as you, a unique person with a story all your own. Toni explained that Chinese medicine enables us to see how every aspect of your life creates the tapestry of your health because the mind is integrated in the body. This means that the climate around us, our thoughts and emotions, the lifestyle we lead and all the events and circumstances of our lives directly influence our physical, emotional, and spiritual being.


Queen City Acupuncture is a place where healing begins from the inside out. We are committed to not only treating what ails you but finding the root of the unique set of circumstances that creates your particular state of health. Chinese medicine is an ancient practice of medicine that has the ability to put you on the road to healing, and prevent disease from occurring.

Just as the seasons have an ebb and flow, so do our bodies. For over 3,500 years people have been using this holistic approach to harmonize their bodies with the transformation of the seasons, the stress of daily living and any pathology that may occur. At Queen City Acupuncture we consider all of the details of your life in order to paint a picture of your internal imbalances. We believe that our bodies, emotions, diets, environments and communities all have to be taken into account in order to create a custom diagnosis that fits you as an individual. The modalities that we use consist of Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxa, Tui na, and Herbal formulas.