Strong Woman of the month : Jocelyn of Mahina Jewerly

Jocelyn Kowalczyk, Owner of Mahina, started her Jewelry company on a towel at the beach in Maui, Hawaii. After attending college in Manhattan, Jocelyn ventured out to Hawaii and began a new chapter of her life. In living there she began to understand the importance of nature. She began studying natural healing methods and working with healing stones. Always making jewelry she began to incorporate them into her work. Mahina is Hawaiian for the Moon. The moon is significant for the stones, because during a full moon you are to set your healing stones on a windowsill to recharge the energy of the stone.

Today, she is back in Buffalo, New York surrounding herself with the ones she loves most in this world: her family. Still traveling, she is able to bring back unique pieces from all over the world and design one-of-a-kind pieces. She is so grateful for the opportunities that she has been given and looks forward to a bright positive future.