Strong Woman of the month : Mary Anne Cappellino


Mary Anne Cappellino is a local artist, author, speaker, and fitness instructor.

Mary Anne is passionate about exercise; Founder of the annual Kids Run in Delaware Park, a licensed Zumba instructor and an advocate for running, cycling and resistance training. She started the Kid’s Run in 1988 to inspire families to enjoy the fun of fitness.

Mary Anne is a speaker on all aspects of wellness and the author of a series of Children’s books on well-being. She also authored The Climb- a book about strength and resiliency written from the life lessons learned after seven years of service at a home for girls who have been abandoned and abused in Honduras.

Creativity is a thread woven into all areas of Mary Anne’s life and showcased in her many watercolors especially her new Buffalo Bold series created with enthusiasm for all that living in Buffalo offers!

Buffalo Bold offers Mary Anne’s watercolor buffalo painting in framed pictures, prints, note cards and mugs. Mary Anne’s watercolor technique is unique with her use of color,
translucency and subject matter; including birds, scenes, flowers and animals.

Her strength as a woman is a result of using the events of the past, both good and bad, to fortify her future. This strength is showcased in her optimistic and positive presentations, books and classes. Mary Anne loves to be with people and to use her art and heart to inspire. Mary Anne also adopted a little girl who was abandoned in China. She was three and a half when she came to Buffalo and has grown up to be a lovely young woman with a bright future and a family who is grateful for the gift of having her in their lives. 

Life offers us many opportunities, new doors to open and wisdom resulting from difficult
times. The key is to take the step, open the door, learn from life and then with faith and a positive
attitude move forward. Turn the page, pick up the brush, try something new and reach out to others and you may discover something very special about yourself and experience joy.
— Mary Anne Cappellino