Strong Woman of the month : Elyse of Exo Supply

Elyse was born and raised in WNY. After working as a teacher in Buffalo, she changed career pathsto take on managing operations and marketing at her father’s chemical company.  During that time, Elyse also dabbled in manufacturing. While she tested new and existing formulations, she developed her first product, Pure Remover.

This organic nail polish remover was the starting point for Elyse’s brand, EXO Supply. Pure Remover is definitely revolutionizing the nail polish game in a major way - by providing an acetone-free remover made of organic, plant-based ingredients and conditioning essential oils. For those of us who love to change our nails as often as we change our clothes, having a natural and safe alternative to traditional remover is a must! 

Elyse has since added several other items to her product line including: Pure Remover Travel Wipes, an all-natural multipurpose cleaner, and her newest product EXO Pure Cleanser, a foaming coconut face wash. EXO products can be found at a wide range of retailers, boutiques, salons and spas around the US and Canada, as well as at