Her Story Hour: Meditation Mandalas with local healing artist Colleen Darby

We all have this place inside ourselves that is peaceful and healing. Sometimes we just need some help finding it.
— Colleen Darby, healing artist

As a healing artist, and former artist in residence, and cancer survivor, Colleens journey has been one of strength and inspiration.  Colleen worked in Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, bringing the creative arts to patients during their treatments. She told us how this had a profound impact on her life, and on an emotional level; this in turn, changed her art.  She realized that art can help people create a space where time and space no longer exist, so they can heal their minds and their bodies. 

The result of her time spent working with art as a healing modality is her newest creation: Meditation Mandalas. When she worked in the hospitals, mandalas were used on both people who loved as, and more importantly, on those who felt that they were not that creative.

Colleen has created a Mediation Mandala kit. This kit includes 25 cards, each with an inspirational quote related to an emotion, as well as a blank mandala. Her hope is that you choose the quote that you feel you need at that time, and reflect on these words while you color your mandala.

She also includes some guidelines that she herself practices, and helps you to effectively create that “healing space.” Before you start a coloring session, complete a “check-in”. Ask yourself how you are feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually – neutralize yourself. Do this check-in before you color, and again after you color.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to dig into my mandala kit.  After hearing that quote, I couldn’t help but think about that word. BELIEVE. How much impact does it have when your mind believes something? Can you effect your body, even heal your body, by changing your thought process?

The word I chose was believe, and the quote on the mandala was “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.”  I did my check-in before I started. I was feeling excited, and anxious. I had a million idea running through my head, and I knew I would have trouble falling asleep. I began coloring, and thinking about the words as I colored in the lines and filled the circles with beautiful color and pattern. And before I knew it, my mind was calm; I was at peace.

I would definitely recommend these mandalas to anyone who has trouble finding that peace. Anyone who wants to try meditating that might not be able to turn off that switch in their mind. These kits provide the perfect tool to do just that.

The kits are available at Her Story Boutique and retail at $19.99. Follow Colleen on facebook, and stay up-to-date with all of her new projects.