Punya Iabhya:

Bodhi Space

Punya graduated from Columbia College in 2011 with a BA in theatre. While exploring the world of arts, she felt called to classes of psychology, empowerment, and consciousness. It was during her later years of college where she was introduced to meditation for the first time. Through her studies, she became curious of the fantasy world of artistic expression and furthering her journey into depth & awareness.

Being passionate about the arts, Punya moved to Los Angeles in 2012 where she pursued a vocation of acting on TV & Film. Finding success, she realized that she adored being on the "big screen", but felt there was more to the life she had been living. Punya became certified in the Usui system of Reiki, furthering her training into Master Teacher level and knew she was destined to hold space for others on a path of service. When essential oils were introduced to her for the first time, the world of plants spoke a different language to her soul. She knew the potent power of natures gifts desperately needed to be shared with our collective, so she furthered their voice.

Punya continues to further her education and is honored to have implemented her training of Kriya yoga, Astrology, Coaching, Flower Essence therapy, and Shamanic sound & dance activation into the repertoire of her channeling. It is her mission to uphold the highest integrity, with an open loving heart & insightful light, to assist others towards a path of harmony.

About Bodhi Space....

It's through the shared devotion of plant medicine that Punya and her very dear friend Keith connected on, that Bōdhi Spāce was birthed. Bōdhi spāce is a holistic health company designed to collaborate with those whom want to awaken into their fullest selves, transitioning from a place of lack to a place of purpose. Pioneering a community oasis, where empowerment & self healing is encouraged, is the purpose of the sanctuary we provide others. As Earth guardians, Punya & Keith have answered the call to honor their divine assignment as space holders. Our offerings are a medicinal culmination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, flower essence & essential oil therapies, astrology, Kriya & Taoist philosophies and practices. These healing tools assist us in guiding you towards optimum health, Divine connection and above all BALANCE.