Lasso Lariat

Lasso Lariat


Oxidized Silver Filled Chain, 2 Semi-Precious Stone drops - 26” (entire length)

Choose 2 Semi-Precious Drops from our Strong Women stones:

Each of these stones and charms were individually picked to represent and capture the essence of femininity and strength.

  • Moonstone – “Stone of New Beginnings” filled with feminine energy and calms the emotions, a stone of inner growth, promotes inspiration and success

  • Smokey Quartz – “Stay in the Moment” a very grounding and protective stone, barrier against negative energy, cleans the mind of anxiety while promoting mediation, disperses fear

  • Labradorite – “Stone of Transformation” keeps one grounded through change, provides strength and perseverance while enhancing faith and trust in yourself and the universe

  • Rose Quartz – “The Love Stone” the true essence of love and healing, reminds one of their inner strength and self worth, encourages one to be receptive to love, beauty, kindness, and harmony

*Colors may vary slightly with each necklace*

Made to order - please allow 2-3 weeks for production

Semi-Precious Drop #1:
Semi-Precious Drop #2:
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"The inspiration for this collection came from finding strength along my own journey of becoming a breast cancer survivor. Not only did I realize my own strength + of those around me, but also the importance of inspiring that strength in others. Each of these stones and charms were individually picked to represent + capture the essence of femininity + strength. The healing qualities of crystals have always been incorporated into our everyday lives, and we wanted a way for women to harvest their energy everyday through jewelry. " - Susan Morreale, designer

handmade in Buffalo, NY | Made by women, for women.