Susan Web: Grandmother's Buttons

Susan Davis has told the story so many times it has taken on the aura of myth—how one afternoon in 1985 she was visiting with her 95-year-old grandmother, rummaging as they often did through the elderly woman’s life-time accumulation of keepsakes and treasures. That afternoon they delved into her many boxes of buttons, and Susan suddenly saw the possibility of a new career and cottage industry. Plucking a sparkling jet glass from the jumble, she held it to her ear and said, “Grandma, this would make a beautiful earring!” Her grandmother agreed, cheerfully donated her buttons to Susan’s new cause, and Grandmother’s Buttons was born. 

Susan, now in her early 60s, marvels that she and Donny have managed to raise a family on buttons, all the while living in the tiny, beautiful and historic community that they love. She feels it has been a privilege to work with so many talented and interesting customers and employees, not to mention spending her days looking for more and more beautiful buttons and dreaming up ways to turn them into jewelry. That what she does is now considered recycling is an added bonus, because after all on the farm her mother and grandmother taught her to recycle and reuse everything, long, long before it was the popular thing to do.

About Grandmother's Buttons....

"Yes the buttons that we use in our jewelry are actually over 100 years old! When crafting our designs, we primarily use buttons from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, circa 1880-1918. They were made from a variety of materials, including brass, pewter, glass, cut steel, and velvet. To find out more about the different kinds of buttons, see our Field Guide to Buttons. Victorian metal buttons were made in two, three, or even more layers. In the United States, Connecticut was the button-making center, while France, Austria, Germany, and England were the European centers of manufacture."