Find Strength Tea - Teamotions

Find Strength Tea - Teamotions


Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea

Tin: 2.75oz, brews 64 cups

With jiaogulan and jasmine flowers to bolster inner strength and self-confidence blended with fragrant jasmine green tea and tropical passionfruit

Flavor Profile: Refreshing, floral, and fruity.

Emotional Benefit: Restores inner strength and self-confidence.

Did You Know?: Jiaogulan, an adaptogen herb from China and known as the Immortality Herb, has been used for centuries as a remedy for fatigue, to increase endurance, improve immune system function, and support stress response.

Our Little Tip: As you sip, think of something kind you could do for someone else and do it. Empower yourself by serving others.

Ingredients and Their Uses: Jasmine Green Tea*, Jiaogulan*, Jasmine Flowers*, Safflowers*, Marigolds*, Natural flavors. *Denotes organic ingredients

  • Jasmine Green Tea: A green tea scented with real jasmine flowers. A natural antidepressant. Mildly stimulating to the body and mind. 

  • Jiaogulan: A powerful adaptogen herb from China. Known in China as the “Immortality Herb” because of its ability to foster emotional and physical strength and stamina in the body and for its immune boosting qualities.  Balances all body systems. Supports adrenal glands. 

  • Jasmine FlowersCalm and center the body, mind, and soul. Foster confidence and compassion, and open emotional pathways. Give relief from grief, anxiety, stress, annoyance, anger, and depression. Revive a sense of empowerment and courage.

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