Sarah Borodzik: Chicory Kin

“I was raised in an environment which fostered my love for the wild world; picking my mother’s flowers, wild-sprung sweet peas and chicory from down the road, elderflower, dandelion, goldenrod. The always-overgrown herb garden I would wander into carefully, making salads of mint, lemon balm, chive and elderberry. And of course, the brilliant truth of edible flowers – my sister and I with violets on our tongues.

That is part of the place I come from, and the memories which lead me to find redemption and gratitude in the work I do now. And forward:

I am a supporter of all plant life, earth based healing, and the endless opportunity for expansion through connecting with the land that holds us.”

About Chicory Kin.....

Chicory Kin Floral & Apothecary does not have a physical space right now. Despite this, the offerings are the same. We do flowers for events, weddings, showers, + individuals. Floral work is a beautiful practice. The transient nature of flowers brings something unique with every creation. We try our best to use flowers that are seasonal and local whenever possible. Foraging is an important facet to both the “floral” and “apothecary” aspect of Chicory Kin. That said, we take sustainable foraging very seriously: never taking more than needed, always foraging ethically, responsibly, and with deep gratitude- remembering to leave with an offering or prayer. The apothecary offers small batch, individual medicinal plant creations, crafted from the deep heart and soul. I encourage you to explore! There is medicine in our small actions, medicine in honest dialogue- if you have been looking for a safe space to consider your healing out loud, welcome.

Our mission, in spite of any physical change or distraction, is to help each other recover the importance of cultivating a personal relationship to the Earth and its medicine which grows all around us.